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Medicinal plants and herbs are grown naturally and provided by THE ALMIGHTY to the mankind, which contain substances known to ancient and modern civilizations for their healing properties. Allopathic drugs contain a single active substance made synthetically which is not natural and it is foreign to the body. On the contrary, herbs in its natural form provide a broad array of catalyst which work together harmoniously in the body.

The Development of chemistry and particularly of the synthesis of organic compounds took place only in the 19th century. Until then, in the whole world, the sole source of medicine was only medicinal plants and herbs, which were curing on man’s ailments. Among these traditional and natural medicines SIDDHA and AYURVEDHA plays dominant role and these are glorious gifts of mankind rewarded by the MOTHER NATURE.

“Eco Friendly”, “Return to Mother Nature”, “Living Naturally” and “Nature Loving” are slogans heard everywhere.  Now these are the need of the hour too. Owing no life time side effects and discomforts over using Allopathic medicines, the whole world community is ‘somehow’ thinking off returning to the MOTHER NATURE. With this new concept in our mind, we have given new birth to our 65 years old, SIDDHA and AYURVEDHA medical home to ZIGMA HERBAL REMEDIES, a new dynamic factory, fully equipped with sophisticated machineries along with good infrastructures and following up the guidelines of GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (GMP) in the manufacturing of herbal medicines.