All ZIGMA’S HERBAL MEDICINES are manufactured based on the principles of SIDDHA and AYURVEDHA Pharmacopeias by of factory which our situated in a totally different atmosphere and hygienic conditions.


Our experimentations for the past 65 years, clinical trial reports on our medicines guided us in the perfections in our preparations. GMP guide lines are strictly followed up this factory to standardise the products. Atmost all ingredients of herbs and plants are standardized …….? streamlined to aim at getting the optimum results is the formulation.


Like wise, we have more than 610 Siddha and Ayurveda classical medicinal products and patented herbal medicines manufactured by us. We have our reputed and proven herbal medicines for any kind of man’s ailments. Viewers are kindly requested to contact us through Online – Consultation round the clock for their present health complaints which will receive the kind response of our chief physician always.