R & D Section :

With 65 years old experience, we still feel some miracles can be achieved in Herbal medicines to cure severe and diseases of the mankind. So our scientist team are vigourly analyzing the herbal formulation with its modern way.

Also, holistic noble preachers callers SIDDHARS had made many ancient Vedic scripts which contain plethora of rich knowledge on ancient system of medicines. These scripts in the form of Palmyra leafs. We are also trying new formula, often and given for universal trails.

The heavy metal contents are analytically tested to reduce its strong to a minimum level acceptable by international communities.


With the help of all modern equipments and recent scientific instruments, we are capable of standardise and herbal inputs to the medicine. More qualified scientists of our lab are modulating or new techniques in the lab to increase the quality more & more.

Our dynamic Research team consists of Scientist, Pharmacists, Chemists, Botanists, Micro - Biologists, Pharmacologists. The level of sophistication greatly attained with the installation of most modern and sophisticated instruments in the laboratory.




Our Scholared researchers are co-coordinating the entire processes of production at each level and new formulations are being discovered for clinical studies very often. Also our R & D section is conducting cultivation programmes and seminars. Having tied up with co-operative societies and tribal societies to acquire rare herbs and plants. We never face shortage of any rare herbs for our herbal formulations.